January 30, 2007

Gatekeeper Gilad's gagging gamble!

It must be all the talk of supercasinos but it's true! The great Truth Seeker, Gilad Atzmon, has got a lawyer to write to threaten somebody into removing his (that's Atzmon's) name from a web page on the net.

I'm in real hurry to go out now so I can't actually say too much about it right now.

But guess who it is. Here's a clue. You know how, for Gilad, whilst he claims that "Palestinians are the priority," he only seems to write articles defaming anti-zionist Jews and making nasty anti-Jewish stereotypical remarks at the Peace Palestine site. That's when he uses his own name. Don't worry though he also uses Arab sounding names to stereotype Palestinians. That's balance for you!

Now where was I? Oh yes. Try and guess who this lying antisemite is trying to silence. I'll give you a clue. You know how some Jewish boys who only want to marry a Jewish girl try pre-marital sex with a non-Jewish girl? Well Gilad is trying his lawyer's threat on a non-Jewish woman. She's not Palestinian but she is certainly a doyen of the cause.

So go on, while I'm out, see if you can guess. I'll try to have the answer up by midnight UK time .... if that lying racist buffoon doesn't gag me in the meantime.

Bye for now

Updates here and here.

This post too is updated and I have inserted some links that weren't in place when I first posted the article.

And the answer is Sue Blackwell, the Palestine solidarity campaigner who organised the first UK academic intifada against Israeli universities.


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