January 26, 2007

Israel's anti-apartheid style campaign

Unbelievable! According to the Guardian, Israel is launching a boycott campaign against Iran.
Pressure will be applied to major US pension funds to stop investment in about 70 companies that trade directly with Iran, and to international banks that trade with its oil sector, cutting off the country's access to hard currency. The aim is to isolate Tehran from the world markets in a campaign similar to that against South Africa at the height of apartheid.
But the world's turned upside down since then.

This reminds me of Engage's professed position on boycotts generally. I haven't posted anything about Engage lately. This is the site that smears campaigners against Israel and generally seeks to protect Israel from criticism by falsely raising the spectre of antisemitism. Anyway, they ran an article by a zionist called Eric Lee saying how he (that is they) would oppose any boycott of Palestinians. There has been a worldwide boycott of Palestinians and unlike the boycott proposed by anti-zionists and Palestine Solidarity activists, the boycott of Palestinians is causing starvation and disease. Engage has never rescinded its grotesque joke about starving the Palestinians. It's here. So maybe now Engage will speak out against a boycott of Iran. After all, unlike the murderous boycott of Palestine, any boycott of Iran will presumably have an adverse affect on its Jewish community.


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