January 24, 2007

It's those DAM Palestinians again

I've just been sent this video by the Palestinian hip hop band, DAM. I'm neither very hip nor hop nor both but this is the second time they have come to my attention. It's in Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles:

My first intro to their stuff was by Sue Blackwell on the Just Peace list. It gets a bit weird at this point because if you follow Sue's link you get this:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

Pity that because I knew it must be good because Engage gave Sue a slap wristy over that one back in the summer. Ah, the summer. It's been snowing here overnight. Anyway here's Meen Erhabe, meaning, Who is the terrorist?


It too has English subtitles.

I was just looking for the Engage link and there seems to be a clue as to why the youtube version Sue Blackwell linked to was pulled. I can't quite make it out but if you're interested here's one of the Engage comments:
The video Sue Blackwell provided a link to is called "Meen erhabe" (who's the terrorist) by the Palestinian Israeli group DAM. The video is make by Palestinian-American filmaker Jackie Salloum, who has no control over who takes it and posts it in youtube. That seemed a cheap attempt to associate the video/Blackwell w/anti-Semites.
I think that's a clue.

Anyway, thanks to Yaman in the comments for this link to the DAM site.


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