April 11, 2007

Libelled again on Comment is free for zionists

I just checked my tracker and I'd got four hits in a row from the Guardian's Comment is free. Someone called "Quillam" did a comment on a Linda Grant article, linking back to me and suggesting that Linda Grant will get the comment banned. There's the comment (before it disappears):

Comment No. 523149
April 11 12:56GBR
Linda Grant is a zionist extremist - she has been criticised by Rabbi David Goldberg for exaggerating anti-semitism in the UK today http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,639692,00.html

To be fair she is occasionally spot on

Linda Grant in this week's JC:

"There is no question that the Zionist insistence on a Jewish stateputs the Arab minority in a position of second class citizens,underscored by the inferior school system, roads and town planning. NoIsraeli government has ever invited an Arab party to join itscoalition. And this week, in an ominous signal of what might be tocome, rabbinical leaders in Bnei Brak issued a statement saying that itwas forbidden to rent apartments to Arabs.

This is naked racism."Jewish Chronicle19/01/2007

Id strongly recommend going to http://jewssansfrontieres.blogspot.com/ and doing a search for Linda Grant - very revealing

How long before free speech Linda gets this post banned ?

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I haven't read the article so I don't know if the comment is on or off topic but the response of another Cif (and presumably Engage) contributor is quite informative here:


Comment No. 523235
April 11 13:22ISR
quillam - "How long before free speech Linda gets this post banned?"

whether linda herself gets it banned or not, i'd say you've got about as long as it takes for someone to clock that the post breaks both of these rules:

"1. Personal attacks on other users have no place in an intelligent discussion.

3. We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libellous or defamatory postings."

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As with Linda Grant when I had my run in with Georgina Henry, Seth Freedman feels free to call the shots as to what is postable. He also feels free to libel me by suggesting that linking to my site is "potentially libellous." Unless he's saying it's potentially libellous to quote Linda Grant from the Jewish Chronicle.

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