April 14, 2007

Oxfam: Palestinians are suffering!

Maybe Oxfam's on a dial up connection. I'd say they were a tad slow with this bit of news reported in the Guardian:
Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are suffering "devastating" humanitarian consequences as incomes plummet, debts mount and essential services face meltdown, Oxfam says in a report that calls for an immediate end to the international financial blockade of the Hamas-led government.
This is a move in the right direction for Oxfam. I wrote to them (as did many others) to protest their rejection of a donation from a chap (I think it was Honderich) for expressing sympathy with suicide bombers. I wrote again (as did many others) to protest their partnership arrangement with Starbucks when the CEO is a prominent supporter of the racist war criminals of Israel who has blamed the Palestinians themselves for the plight detailed above. The reply I got to the latter protest was simply to say something like, Oxfam supports a two state solution. Doesn't everybody?* What made me laugh at the time (I'm not sure if I posted it here) was that the email to me replying to my protest about their hyprocrisy on suicide bombing and Israel's war crimes was sent by a woman called "Kamikazi." That was the name she used anyway. When I'm on a broadband connection I'll see if I can find it. Like I said, I'm not sure if I did a post on it but I think I did. I don't think I would have made anything of the name at the time because I was worried about political correctness and all. You shouldn't make fun of a foreign name. I've let my pc standards slip over the years. Plus when your surname's Elf you earn the right to comment on other people's names.

*For those who don't get irony, I don't actually support a two state solution. I noticed from my tracker this morning that most of my hits today have come from the country where they don't get irony. I won't say which country that is because I'll be accused of anti-Americanism.

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