April 10, 2007

Posting gets the hits up but why?

Well I've been back into blogging for a few days now and my hits seem to have more than doubled yesterday against the average for the previous week. The average for the past week up to yesterday was 207. Yesterday the seven day average was showing 174. At least I think it was. This means that I got 405 hits yesterday. Yes I'm sad enough to have sat and worked it out, assuming my calculations are correct that is. I must say that's gratifying but I'm still not sure what causes it to happen. I've checked the referrers and a lot simply say "unknown" but there are few from google or other search engines and a few from long-standing links. I did tell the Just Peace list about the Georgina Henry (Comment is free) correspondence but that only accounts for two out of the last hundred hits. So what's going on? Why would an increase in posts by me lead to an increase in what seem to be random hits?

Oh, just to get a bit of perspective here, I don't see many trackers open to public view but Lenin's Tomb is averaging 1,736 hits a day up to the close of play yesterday and a Wikipedia official editor, when someone proposed Jews sans frontieres for inclusion said, among other things, that my number of hits didn't warrant it. But I still want to know how mere activity on a blog would result in more hits without going out and deliberately generating more traffic.

So, any answers please?


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