April 05, 2007

While I'm away....

Goodness, my hits are down from over 400 a day in November 2006 to 177 now and, I presume, falling . It's the not posting wot duz it. At least I think it's that. There are many reasons why I haven't been posting much for a few months now but the main one is that my pc broke and I've been too busy to get it fixed. I'm off work now and my son's away so here I am on his laptop.

I intend to return to daily blogging soon. What I used to do was get up at 5 am, google "Israel" and see what came up. I also used to get email tips from various people (and I still do) but I hardly check my emails these days. Oh yes, and I used to lift stuff from the Jewish Chronicle from time to time.

All I've done lately is check and approve (or not) the occasional comment on haloscan.

Anyway, while I'm away check out Ernie Halfdram's Bureau of Counterpropaganda. His take on zionism is pretty similar to mine except whereas I think that Israel deserves to be uniquely despised because it is uniquely despicable, he thinks that as a Jew who ought to speak out against the war criminality carried on (and on) in the name of his community.

So, I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging soon. So to the under 177 people who see this post, please tell your friends that normal service will be resumed soon enough.

Thank you.


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