May 22, 2007

Brits get up very early in the morning to catch Israel out

Well you have to, don't you? 77 members of the UK's parliament have signed the following Early Day Motion 913:
That this House notes that the Israeli government has expressed the desire to upgrade its relations with the EU to the same level as Norway and Switzerland; further notes that this would include the ability to have free passage of goods, people and capital between the two entities; further notes that Israel remains in consistent violation of UN Security Council Resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention, has routinely prevented the free movement of Palestinian goods and people and has withheld Palestinian funds from their people; further notes that these and other grievous human rights abuses represent a clear breach of Article Two of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, which calls for adherence to human rights laws; commends the International Development Select Committee's report into development assistance and the Occupied Palestinian territories, and in particular its recommendation that `the UK should urge the EU to use the Association Agreement with Israel as a lever for change and to consider suspending the Agreement until there are further improvements in access arrangements'; and urges the Government to insist that no upgrading of Israel's relations with the EU be considered until the Israeli government has brought itself into full compliance with international law, including the permanent lifting of all barriers to freedom of movement for Palestinian goods, people and capital.
Here are the MPs who voted for the motion:
Wyatt, Derek
Austin, John
Bottomley, Peter
Turner, Desmond
McCafferty, Chris
Holmes, Paul
Soames, Nicholas
Hopkins, Kelvin
McDonnell, John
Caton, Martin
Cryer, Ann
Starkey, Phyllis
Harris, Evan
Lazarowicz, Mark
Breed, Colin
Cook, Frank
Corbyn, Jeremy
Baker, Norman
Dowd, Jim
Berry, Roger
Wareing, Robert N
Ruddock, Joan
Sarwar, Mohammad
Iddon, Brian
Lepper, David
Love, Andrew
Drew, David
Goodman, Helen
Jones, Lynne
Marris, Rob
Dean, Janet
Etherington, Bill
Sanders, Adrian
Simpson, Alan
Jenkins, Brian
McDonnell, Alasdair
McKechin, Ann
Cohen, Harry
Abbott, Diane
Riordan, Linda
Hamilton, David
Anderson, Janet
McCarthy, Kerry
Singh, Marsha
Clelland, David
Galloway, George
Williams, Betty
Laws, David
Betts, Clive
Younger-Ross, Richard
Burden, Richard
Connarty, Michael
Horwood, Martin
Pugh, John
Brown, Lyn
Greenway, John
Jackson, Glenda
Gibson, Ian
Godsiff, Roger
Morgan, Julie
McGovern, Jim
Lloyd, Tony
Begg, Anne
Hemming, John
Lancaster, Mark
Illsley, Eric
Hancock, Mike
Curtis-Thomas, Claire
Lucas, Ian
Gummer, John
Bayley, Hugh
Williams, Mark
Barrett, John
Jones, Martyn
Buck, Karen
Thornberry, Emily
Owen, Albert

I notice my MP, John Cruddas, isn't on the list. I'll drop him a line and see how I get on.


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