May 31, 2007

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See this image from Engage. I just googled Israel and the third news item was headed British lecturers vote to back Israel boycott. I quickly turned to Engage, as you do when news like this breaks, and what did I see? This rather curious headline - UCU congress backs the boycott campaign and opposes the boycott - and the above button. They're a wacky crew those Engageniks but look at that button. I've always said, ok maybe not always, but I have said that Engage and in particular David Hirsh, are a liability for the zionist cause and this image shows they have their uses to people of goodwill. Right click on the image and "save." Then upload to you're own site and thank Engage for being so useful to the anti-zionist cause. Mind you it's only because I'm cynical that I'm surprised. Dr Hirsh claims to be non-zionist. From there it's only a short step to such demonising imagery as we see above.


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