June 24, 2007

Animus from Amicus

The boycott Israel juggernaut rumbles on. Now the UK's biggest union is up for it. Well actually it's not quite a boycott resolution but that can't be far behind and it's getting the information across that really counts. See this:

This Conference condemns the Wall which Israel continues to construct in the West Bank, in defiance of international law. The Wall separates Palestinian farming communities from their olive groves, schools, hospitals and neighbouring communities.
Together with the expanding and illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the network of checkpoints, and roads on which Palestinians are not allowed to rave, the Wall enforces an apartheid colonial society.

In July 2004 the International Court of Justice deemed the Wall wholly illegal and ruled that it must be dismantled and the victims compensated. It required States, including Britain, to ensure that Israel complied with this judgement. In reality, the British Government has ignored this and accepted the Wall.

Conference believes that trade unionists should uphold the International Court of Justice decision by participating in direct solidarity with Palestinians affected by the Wall.

We therefore instruct the NEC to:

1. Publicise this issue to our membership, through union publications, branches, and Regional Councils

2. Join other national unions (UNISON, TGWU, UCATT, FBU, CWU, PCS, RMT, NUM, NATFHE, TSSA) in affiliating to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

3. Actively campaign against the Wall by:

a. contacting the Palestinian Stop the Wall campaign www.stopthewall.org and the Popular Committees Against the Wall, in particular in the village of Bil'in where non-violent mass demonstrations are being held weekly.

b. Investigating how industries organised by our union may be involved in constructing the Wall.

4. Inform the Amicus Parliamentary Group of our policy on this issue and seek their active support in influencing Government policy.
According to Roland Rance on the Just Peace UK list this resolution passed unopposed. What this says about zionist organisation and activism in the union or in unions generally, I don't know. Maybe you just don't get much for your two million quid these days.


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