June 02, 2007

Boycott Google! Er no, google boycott

Woops sorry. Don't boycott google (just yet). Google "boycott." Do it now before it goes cold. This is what I got just now, assuming the html from the selection source translates ok into whatever blogger uses:

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UK's largest labor union to debate boycott of Israel - Taipei Times - 11 hours ago
Altitude ban brings boycott threat - CNN International - 2 hours ago
AIADMK to boycott TN cooperative polls - Hindu - 15 hours ago
The word "boycott" sends the boycott of Israel to the top of the google news. As it happens that news story from Taipei is second in the news section when you google "Israel" at the time I'm writing this:

News results for Israel

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Israel sees problem skyrocket - Baltimore Sun - 4 hours ago
UK's largest labor union to debate boycott of Israel - Taipei Times - 11 hours ago
Illegal Palestinian workers hide out in Israel, staying longer as ... - San Diego Union Tribune - 16 hours ago
The big boycott news today is that Unison, apparently the UK's biggest trade union is debating a boycott motion next month.

Another apology here but I am sorry that I have to use this expression yet again. The zionists are in a blind panic about what is happening to them. They used to have an influence in the labour movement in the UK that was completely at odds with their intrinsically right wing racist ideology. That now is damaged beyond repair as the cause of Palestine becomes the cause of labour just as the anti-apartheid cause was until it won its victory in the 1990s.

Evidence of this panic is found on the Engage site where there is a call for a "crisis meeting." See this:
The anti-Israel “anti-apartheid” movement is on the verge of attaining a critical mass and becoming a reality on the British left, in the trade union movement and in public discourse in the UK.
Other evidence includes the panic measure of trying to have anti-zionism outlawed in the EU and decrying the mere reporting of facts of Israel killing children as "blood libel."

But the zionists are in a bind. The more they try to spread their word the more the word of their opponents is heard. And now their campaign against the campaign against them has sent the main weapon of solidarity to the top of the hit parade in cyber space.

I remember some wag saying words to the effect that if the Oslo process reaches the conclusion that the generous Ehud Barak had in mind then all the Palestinians would get would be "freedom on (or of) the internet." Actually, under Barak's proposals they wouldn't have even got that. But one day they may get freedom via (together with other things of course) the internet and today looks like a good day for demonstrating that.


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