June 27, 2007

Petition against Blair's appointment as Mid East envoy

I don't know what these petitions achieve but the appointment of Tony Blair to be an envoy for the Quartet (US, US, US and US) is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Still there is an on line petition here with the following wording:
To: Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission

We call on you, as President of the European Commission, to resist pressures from outside Europe to appoint Tony Blair as special envoy to the Middle East on behalf of the "Quartet". We have no confidence that Mr Blair will act impartially and we want to see a person appointed to this role who understands the rights and needs of everyone in the Middle East and who will work for a just and lasting peace for both Palestinians and Israelis.


The Undersigned

I don't suppose it could hurt to sign it.

UPDATE: I just signed and the number of signatories rose by ten between my going to the site and adding my name.


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