June 28, 2007

Satire dead rumours?

It's been said so many times before but this guy gives a very good blow by blow explanation, in the Independent, as to why satire died only just recently:
Sir: Satire is dead. Under Blair's leadership, Britain has colluded in the invasion, occupation and utter devastation of Iraq, blocked UN action to end Israel's invasion and bombardment of Lebanon, conspired with the EU, US and Israel to impose a crippling economic blockade on the Palestinian people, and refused to implement the earlier wishes of the European Parliament to suspend Israel's preferred trading status with the EU. And now this war-mongering, hypocritical, war criminal's apprentice is to be appointed a peace envoy to the Middle East of all places.


Of course the same or similar has been said about Kissinger and Begin getting Nobel peace prizes and satire hung in there long enough for this latest assault so who knows?


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