June 11, 2007

Shock horror! Dershowitz accuses UCU of antisemitism

I just saw a "dicussion" between Professor Alan Dershowitz and Tom Hickey of the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU). In it Dershowitz accused the UCU of antisemitism and the Jewish proponents of a boycott of Israeli academia of self-hatred. I have to say that Tom Hickey wasn't exactly on cracking form and I think the problem might be the focus on the occupation rather than on zionism and the state structure of Israel itself. Also he could have mentioned the little problem of how zionists dominate our media and government and opposition, leaving very few avenues to even draw attention to Israel crimes, both structural and behavioural (if that's the word).

Now, I'm not promising because I couldn't find it myself, but if you go to the Channel 4 website you might be able to find a clip of the discussion.


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