July 15, 2007

Nature wipes Israel off the map

And it's not by global warming.

See the map? Yes? See the legend? Yup? Where's Israel? This is the highly respected Nature journal. Way ahead of its time I'd say but it can't be a projection map for the effects of global warming because the area between Egypt (23) and Jordan (32), that is area 34, is still there.

To be honest, I haven't read the accompanying article so I don't really know what the maps are trying to say. I mean, I notice that America doesn't even have a number so what does that mean? Without reading the stuff, I just don't know.

UPDATE @ 20:16: Excuse the language here but "damn and blast!" Montag in the comments has noticed that the map is of countries with Muslim majorities which is why Israel isn't on it. Ok, I'll come clean. The man who drew my attention to the map and legend told me that while I was doing the post. But I was in my stride so I published it anyway. So I did know, even without reading the stuff. Oh dear, honesty is the best and my usual policy.


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