July 22, 2007

The return of the Dunnes Stores' strikers

Well not quite but maybe only a matter of time. This is a picture of a picket of one for Dunnes Stores' Dublin branches calling on the company to stop stocking Israeli potatoes and asking shoppers to boycott the same.

The symbolism of this is quite remarkable. It is via the humble potato (or its absence) that the Irish know more than a little about the sheer devastation of colonial rule and of course Dunnes Stores was the scene of a great battle between staff and management over the formers solidarity action with the victims of racist rule in South Africa back in the 1980s.

Here's a word from Irish Palestine Solidarity:
Shoppers and passers-by were interested – often wondering: ‘Why Israeli spuds?’ Answer: they’re often grown on Palestinian land using water stolen from West Bank aquifers. Also, there’s an international boycott campaign against Israel until they abide by international law and end their apartheid rule over Palestinians.
Now Israel's really had its chips! Geddit? Ok, I'm sorry.


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