August 09, 2007

Call for moratorium on Israel's defence force

It turns out that Tony Greenstein's letter to the independent yesterday was the latest in a string of them. Thanks to Evan Jones of the late Alert and Alarmed blog for pointing this out to me in the comments to the Tony Greenstein post:

Israel's 'history' a hoary chestnut

Sir: S W Massil (letter, 26 July) reproduces the hoary chestnut of the 1947 UN partition.

The reason why the Palestinians and the Arab states did not accept the partition is because it gave 55 per cent of Mandate territory to the Jewish state, when the Jewish population was less than 30 per cent, and Jewish ownership of land about 6 per cent. The partition was a con job of the Western powers.

But no, this generosity was not good enough. The Zionist jihadis did not accept the partition then and their children do not accept it now.

A Jewish state without Jerusalem? No thank you. The plight of the Palestinians cannot be blamed on the Arab states' behaviour in the late 1940s.

Can we have a moratorium on printing letters from the party faithful who continue to defend the indefensible, Israel as pariah state?



Evan went on to point out that the papers don't publish letters from flat earthers so why do they publish tosh they know to be tosh in favour of Israel? Anyway, they didn't publish that bit but then the Indie has been known to publish said tosh in its own editorial column.

Oh, and here's a link to the letter that Evan Jones was complaining about.


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