August 25, 2007

Israel kills 11 year old Israeli

But don't worry, he doesn't count. He is, sorry was, an Arab. This is from the International Herald Tribune:
Mahmoud Ibrahim Karnawi, 11, was shot after Israeli troops moved into Saida village in the northern West Bank, witnesses said. They said the troops were trying to arrest his older half-brother, a wanted Islamic Jihad militant, and came under fire as they approached the family's home, setting off a gunfight.

Neighbors said the boy was inside the home at the time of the shooting and hit in the crossfire. Hospital officials in the nearby town of Tulkarem confirmed the death. Hospital officials said Tariq Mulhem, an Islamic Jihad militant not related to the boy, also was killed.

Relatives said the boy lived in Israel with his parents — a divorced Palestinian woman is now remarried to an Arab Israeli. The family was visiting relatives in the West Bank at the time of the shooting, the relatives said.
Well someone's got to stop this family reunification nonsense. After all it's a threat to Israel's existence as a Jewish democracy.


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