August 26, 2007

Israel lobby not Israel, Peres tells Turkey

Here's a curious article in Ha'aretz. It follows on from all this business about the Anti-Defamation League finally coming round to the idea that Turkey's slaughter of Armenians was genocide. Shimon Peres has seen fit to tell Turkey that this prominent Israel advocacy group isn't a branch of the Israeli state:
Following the ADL's statement, Turkey was feeling "disappointed with its friends," Erdogan said. President Peres told the Turkish prime minister that Israel does not control U.S. Jewish organizations, which pursue their own agendas.
This reminds me of a bit in the Life of Brian when Brian tells a large crowd, "you are all individuals" and they repeat in unison "we are all individuals." Israel and its advocacy groups in the US need to draft a joint statement addressed to Turkey to the effect that "we are all independent of one another."


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