September 29, 2007

Anarchists against the Wall in London tonight

Just in from Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Anarchists Against the Wall are a group of Israelis who have shown
steadfast and courageous opposition to Israel's illegal "security"
barrier. This stance has earned them physical injury and legal
attack. They have been foremost amongst those instrumental in the
recent legal victory over the wall in Bil'in.

Come and hear from two of those directly involved in the regular
Friday protests in the village against the stealing of land; about the
Barrier and about the reaction of Israelis to the campaign and
the recent Supreme Court judgement.

In their own words: A 3 year battle has been waging over several
hundred acres of West bank lands. This struggle has come
to symbolize the popular resistance to Israel's "separation barrier".

Aligned on one side were a city of 30,000 settlers, several of the
largest construction companies in Israel, the state itself and the
IDF. On the other side was a village called Bilin population
1700. Bilin is supported by a loose collection of activist from
around the world and from Israel. A significant part of that
support comes from the Israeli group called Anarchists Against the
Wall (

By ceaseless demonstrations, direct actions and endless creativity the village and its supporters have forced the Israeli court to yield back part of the lands of the village in a stunning decision on Sept 4th. The struggle is not over but one thing is already clear; the joint popular movement of Palestinians internationals and Israelis is capable of sustaining intensive campaigns for years and has more power than even it knew.

Venue: Indian YMCA 41 Fitzroy Square London W1T6AQ ( nearest
tubes Warren Street and Great Portland Street )

Organised by Jews for Justice for Palestinians


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