September 19, 2007

Yoiks Tally Ho! It's the Harry's Place Hunt!

I was paid a visit recently by one of our courageous heroes at Harry's Place. Or was I? Certainly Marcus (for it is he) claims that he came here and to a handful of other sites that are listed on the Lenin's Tomb site as "organic intellectuals". He berates all these "trotbloggers" for not mentioning Galloway's criticism of the SWP over various issues at Respect. It's all a bit strawman really. Most of the people listed stopped blogging some time ago. They were hardly going to return after, in every case (bar Lenin, I think), over a year simply to report a falling out between Galloway and the SWP. But look what he says about little old me:
Jews Without Frontiers, which is next on the recommended list, contains plenty of rants about perfidious Zionists but not so much as a peep about what or whom is to be preferred in the coming RESPECT implosion. No joy there either then.
You see this is where my headline comes in. Those of you born within the sound of bow bells may have thought that I was fluffing my rhyming slang and that Berkshire Hunt may have been the expression I was looking for. But you'd be wrong. Cheeky little imp (imp! geddit!!!) that I am, I'm being sarcastic about our intrepid hunter coming here to the home page, looking around for something about Respect, George Galloway and the SWP and somehow missing this:

MP George Galloway criticises Socialist Workers Party

"Unhealthy" internal relations, a lack of democratic decision-making, financial crisis and looming "oblivion". Last week, the Respect MP sent a scathing eight page document to all members of the Respect National Committee. The SWP leadership reacted furiously

Click here to read his document It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
Click here to read an extract from the SWP's internal Party Notes, reacting to the document
Of course, the next issue of the Weekly Worker (September 6) will be analysing and commenting on the document in detail

This is curious. I allowed my membership of Respect to lapse when I heard that the SWP had prevented Salma Yakoub from censuring Galloway over his Big Brother appearance. That showed a lack of democratic values, I thought. I also heard that Galloway was criticised over financial mismanagement at War on Want and that he was suspended from the UK parliament because of some financial issue over his Iraqi charity. And Galloway is accusing the SWP of financial mismanagement and lack of democracy. All we need now is for Gilad Atzmon's promoters at the SWP to accuse Galloway of betrayal. Let's just wait and see, shall we?
How did he do it? This is still (at the time of writing) on the home page. It was 4 September. So, did he see it and decide that he wouldn't let the truth get in the way of a good story? Did I tell him what he didn't want to hear? Or did he not come here at all in spite of having told his readers that he did? Or perhaps his get-out will be that I didn't actually take sides between Galloway and the SWP but criticised them both? Of course, if I was a Harry's Placer I'd be hopping up and down demanding an apology and retraction and so on. But I'm not a Harry's Placer so I'm just going to add this post to all of my "rants about perfidious Zionists."

Just a little addition here. If anyone wants to actually check to see if I have posted about anything or anybody then you can go to the little search blog bar at the top left corner of the page and punch in what you are looking for, like say, Galloway, put Galloway in the box and click on the button marked "search blog." Of course you might not need to do that if what you are "searching" for is on the home page. Then you need to scroll down a little.


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