October 10, 2007

Chris Bertram - an apology

Oh damn and blast! I was sure this Crooked Timber bloke, Chris Bertram supported the war on Iraq and that he "broadly supports Israel" but according to him:
I didn't support the war on Iraq.

I'm not sure whether I "broadly support Israel" by your lights. According to the "decent left" I don't.

I was against the academic boycott and supported a ballot, but (largely) disagree with David Hirsh's ascription of base motives to pro-boycotters.
Well he's been very nice about it. Being accused of supporting the war on Iraq when you didn't is well out of order. I'm not sure where we are with "broadly supports Israel" but anyway, I am sorry.

Why make a post out of it? Why not just correct the last one? Well this Chris Bertram is quite a prominent chap. A colleague of mine used to be lectured by him in philosophy at Bristol University. He's a contributor at the Crooked Timber blog. I don't read it myself but I think it has a big following. Imagine if a supporter of his blog saw my post. Not good.

But now there's the problem of people googling say, Chris Bertram, and hitting the page with the offending piece so I'm going to have to update it anyway. Curses!


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