October 09, 2007

More on Israel's overt nazis

The Independent ran an interesting article on Israel's overt nazis, mostly from Russia. I notice it's written by Eric Silver. Eric Silver used to write for the Guardian and distinguished himself there with a grotesque response to the suggestion that Israel had "raped" Lebanon. Silver said that if Lebanon was raped, "she was hardly a virgin in the first place." I think he now lives in Israel under the racist Law of Return. Anyway, where was I. Ah yes. The article is all hand-wringing stuff about how this could happen in the Jewish Shangri-la but this passage leapt out at me:
"Israel has problems with non-Jews? Israel has one greater problem – the absence of a desire to cooperate with us in solving the vital issues of Jews and non-Jews living together in the Holy Land."
Perhaps Jews and non-Jews living together wasn't the point of zionism. I'm only guessing.


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