November 09, 2007

"All theft is property!"

I wish I'd have thought of that headline, but it wasn't me, it was Charlie Pottins referring to the fact that Brent Town Hall is hosting a Trade Fair put on by the Zionist Federation. Here's Charlie, on the Random Pottins blog, in more of his own words:
FANCY a villa in the West Bank? Looking for exciting investment opportunities in some really 'hot' real estate? Then the place to go is Brent Town Hall, in Wembley, this weekend, when Israeli property companies will be exhibiting among the canned goods and bric a brac at a trade fair organised by the Zionist Federation.

The Israeli Defence Forces are securing more properties for development, and we are assured that whatever you may have heard in the media, this process won't be affected by any international negotiations - quite the opposite. Yes, when we say Two States we mean you can settle in both of 'em!

You can rely on the Israeli Defence Forces to secure your investment, and remove any nuisance neighbours who spoil the view. Settlers enjoy separate roads and transport - you can go where you like, and do what you want, no need to worry about checkpoints; and if you've heard about Palestinian villages being short of drinking water, don't worry, it won't affect your swimming pool!

You might like to take part in exciting developments in the Negev, where the Green Patrols are encouraging Bedouin to resume nomadic life by bulldozing their homes. But if you choose the West Bank you'll have the advantage of Israeli military protection without having to worry about laws protecting any labour you employ. Thais and Filipinos are available cheap, and if you time things right the authorities will find things wrong with their papers and send them home - they can always be replaced - before you've paid their wages!

You can visit those ancient sites you've seen in Cecil B.De Mille movies, or practice gun-toting like in the Westerns, ready to take a potshot at pesky A-rabs! And junior will have great fun with his pals demolishing Hebron market stalls while pa with his gun, and the soldiers look on!

Yes, whether you want to settle or just invest, this is your chance to get involved in aggression, colonisation and ethnic cleansing! So come to Brent Town Hall this Sunday,

(Normal terms and conditions - no Arabs need apply).
If you check Charlie's site, he also has a nice map.


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