December 04, 2007

The Bloscars?

Well this is an interesting turn. For a long time now all I have done is blog my blog. I mean I just do posts from here or there, approve or not the handful of comments I get and maybe even respond to some. I don't do anything in the way of promotion like I did when I began back in 2004 so it's heart warming and gratifying that I've been nominated for some kind of Bloscar. That's an Oscar for blogs (I made it up unless someone already made it up, I certainly haven't heard it before, and it's certainly clunky enough to be a genuine elfianism).

The Bloscars are being organised by Brass Crescent. There are various categories of blogs and maybe at least four entrants in each category. Frankly I only recognised two of the entrants and as, thankfully, they are in different categories, I voted for both of them, Sabbah's Blog and Rolled-Up Trousers. I didn't think it would be cricket to vote for my own blog. I didn't vote against it by voting for any of the others in the same category as mine. The only one I recognised was Juan Cole's and I got a bit bored with it after a while. Is he a bit woolly? I can't remember. Anyway, check out the Brass Crescent site. I've bookmarked it so as to check out the various entrants at my own leisure.

Closing date for voting is 14 December 2007.


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