December 08, 2007

Jewish conspirator conspires to avoid charge of Jewish conspiracy

He's mad. He's stark staring bonkers. David Abrahams put £600 k into Labour party coffers using the names of 19 (or so) intermediaries so as to avoid the idea that his largesse was some kind of Jewish conspiracy. This was pointed out to me in an email I received from a friend yesterday or the day before. But here's the Jewish Chronicle on the case:
From his £1 million apartment overlooking London’s Regents Park, he lashed out at those he claimed had blackened his name simply for giving money to a cause close to his heart.

He also claimed that he had made his donations secretly so as to avoid accusations of his being part of a “Jewish conspiracy”.

Of the row surrounding 19 anonymous donations made through third parties, Mr Abrahams told the JC: “A lot of this is character assassination, conjecture and speculation. The Daily Telegraph was saying that the money was not mine and that it came from Israel. That was patently untrue. My accountant has recently done my books and it was all there. The money was earned legitimately through hard work and it was totally wrong to say that it came from Israel.
Well the plot, if I may call it that, thickens because here's the Guardian's latest update:
Labour's secret donor David Abrahams has warned that the row over party funding may "take one or two dirty turns" if ministers "hammer" him, it was reported last night.

The property developer was also quoted as saying he donated the £650,000 via proxies to avoid accusations that he was part of a "Jewish conspiracy".

Last night he rang the BBC to say that his comments had been "misrepresented" and that he had given money secretly because he wanted to remain anonymous. He added: "All week long I have refused to give the Jewish Chronicle an interview."

But Leon Symons, the reporter who wrote the story, said Abrahams rang him at the end of last week - although the businessman decided subsequently not to grant a personal interview.

He added: "We reported exactly what he said and have notes to back this up...We stand by every word of this story."

Meanwhile the Economist thinks that this Abrahams chap is just a poor (sheesh!) immigrant.


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