December 10, 2007

Zionist racism: two "humanitarian" case studies

Here are a couple of examples in Ha'aretz of how Israel's essentially racist system works in practice:
Natalia Mueller underwent and as much as completed a gradual naturalization process during more than five years. One day before her husband died, while he was on his deathbed, Mueller came to the Interior Ministry offices to submit her final application for citizenship. There she was told that if her husband died, she would have to leave the country. Since that time she has been in Israel with no legal standing, without a home and without being able to work.

Anna Jagnos-Paliashkon, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who has undergone heart surgery, has a single, functioning relative who can care for her: Sergei Dzhedan. Her daughter, Dzhedan's wife, died of cancer and Jagnos-Paliashkon's husband is in a geriatric hospital. But the Interior Ministry insists on deporting Dzhedan.

Mueller and Dzhedan ostensibly meet the criteria the Interior Ministry itself created for naturalization, but nevertheless the body with the Orwellian name - "the Interministerial Committee for Humanitarian Cases" - has decided to deport them both.
So what's all this about?
The Population Administration serves as Israel's substitute for an immigration policy. Israel's real policy is to do everything to block the entry to the country of non-Jews because they are non-Jews. The insufferable bureaucratic bottleneck and the via dolorosa traversed by those seeking naturalization assure that the gates are blocked. It is precisely for this reason that Israel maintains the Population Administration in its shameful situation, as was revealed in a series of reports: with its lack of human resources, untrained personnel and poor facilities.
Now this is where the article shows the extent to which zionist are in denial about the sheer rottenness, or as Ha'aretz puts it "institutional evil," of their system:
Eight months have passed since the last version of the Citizenship Law was passed, which greatly limits the naturalization of Palestinians married to Israelis. The law ordered the establishment of a committee to deal with humanitarian exceptions, but this has not happened yet. Haaretz today reports on the Supreme Court ruling of last week in which the justices wrote: "We cannot tolerate this ongoing violation of the law."

Due to the desire to close Israel's gates to non-Jews, the officials at the Population Administration are ignoring the law, their own regulations and humanitarian considerations, and are creating countless human tragedies. Thus has the administration itself become an apparatus that institutionalizes evil. The fact that we accept this shows how much our hearts have become hard and insensitive.
That's what 100 or so years of colonial settlement and 60 years of ethnic cleansing can do to a heart.


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