January 30, 2008

Barack not black, he says

I can't find the report now so I'm going by memory from a few days ago. It goes like this. Apparently there's been quite a campaign on the internet to suggest that Barack Hussein Obama is black, or maybe, like the singer Michael Jackson, he was black once upon a time. This kind of thing could play badly for him among supporters of segregation in the USA's deep middle east. It's bizarre, isn't it? How can a person deny that they're black? And why would they want the segregationist vote anyway?

I said I'm going from memory. I must try harder to find the article.

Eureka! I've found it in New York's The Jewish Week. Now let's have a see.

(Editors Note: In a telephone conference call with Jewish reporters on Monday, Sen. Barack Obama addressed a rumor campaign against him described in the story below.

Obama attacked a "constant and virulent smear campaign via the internet that I know has been particularly targeted at the Jewish community, which is interesting. Using the Internet as a tool, it states that I am a Muslim, that I was sworn into my Senate office with my hand on a Koran, that I don't pledge allegiance."

Obama said that he wouldn't normally respond to such "falsehoods" but that "reports that we've received in the press indicate it has gotten traction in some portions of the Jewish community."

Such rumors, he said, "are absolutely false. I have never practiced Islam; I was raised by my secular mother. I have been a member of the Christian religion and have been an activeChristian. I was sworn in with my hand on my family Bible, and have been pledging allegiance since I was three years old."

Obama also suggested progress in Israel-Palestinian peace talks is not possible until "there is confidence the Palestinians are able to provide the security apparatus that can prevent constant attacks against Israel from taking place."

Read more about the Obama interview and his views on Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking and the Iranian nuclear threat in this week's Jewish Week)

Ok, I was just a little bit wrong. Barack Hussein Obama is denying that he was ever a Muslim because he was in danger of losing Jewish votes (and maybe money) if the allegation that he is or was a Muslim stuck to him. So he issued a denial and wrote to the UN to defend the racist war criminals of the State of Israel.

Was I so wrong? How is the suggestion that someone is a Muslim "virulent" or a "smear"? Who does it say more about? This Barack Hussein Obama guy or what passes for the Jewish community in America these days?


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