February 20, 2008

Ever met a nice Israeli?

Of course you have. Of course there are nice Israelis. What kind of political backwardness would it be to suggest that you couldn't meet a nice Israeli? Can you imagine the complaints against a broadcaster if they satirised a state, any state, with the words, "I never met a nice whatever"? Well that's exactly what the satirical puppet show, Spitting Image did during the era of apartheid in South Africa with the sketch "I never met a nice South African:

Now I've heard lots of zionists complaining bitterly about Israeli manners (or lack of), boorishness and arrogance, but can you imagine a sketch like that being applied to Israel passing the censors on any western tv outlet? The person who uploaded the sketch to youtube had this to say:
In response to all the looney comments: Look people, this is satire. No one truly believes that South Africans were/are any different to any other nationality. This song was simply a response to the South African policy of Apartheid. Please, bear this in mind 'BEFORE' you post a comment. And for the record, if anyone wrote a similar song about the Mugabe regime, I would be ok with that too.
But what about Israel? Would you be ok with that? Actually I think you would but we will never know because these days no one would dare satirise Israel in the mainstream in that way.


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