March 03, 2008

Harry's hatesite

I'm a bit late to be writing about this post on the Harry's Place site but it's so disgusting I couldn't ignore it once my attention was drawn to it. They have a few bloggers there so there have been a few posts since I saw it.

It's written by a chap called Gene and is titled, Child abuse in Gaza. It's about Israel's disgraceful and ludicrous attempts to deny that it's army killed the Palestinian child, Mohammed al Dura. The post is about a ballistics expert clearing Israel of any responsibility for the child's death. We'll leave aside the hornets' nest this opens in terms of what it all says about the film footage of the killing, and the extraordinary lengths Israel has gone to to destroy the evidence including the cement structure beside which the boy was killed. We will however take a little detour to mention the case of Sam Kiley, formerly a journo with the Times, who
pulled off a little scoop by tracking, interviewing and photographing the unit in the Israeli army which killed Mohammed al-Durrah, the 12-year-old boy whose death was captured on film and became the iconic image of the conflict, I was asked to file the piece without mentioning the dead kid.
Now why on earth would the Israel lobby want the news buried if Israel was innocent? It's not overly cynical to suggest that it's because Israel wasn't innocent. Incidentally, Sam Kiley left the Times over its pandering to the non-existent Israel lobby.

So back to HP. Not content with the sheer ghoulishness of the exercise of "proving" that Israel didn't kill a child that it definitely did kill, particularly when we consider the many children Israel has killed without any doubt or even a quibble from those who give the orders or carry them out, Gene hopes that the al Dura story will distract attention from the fact that Israel is creating many a Mohammed al Dura right now, even as we speak. See this:
I hope this news isn't completely overshadowed by the fighting in Gaza

Yes, wouldn't it be terrible if we allowed ourselves to be distracted from one person saying that Israel couldn't have killed one Palestinian child because we allowed ourselves to be mesmerised by Israel killing many more civilians including many more children, right at the time Gene was drafting his post?

Can Harry's Place stoop any lower? Don't ask. They're now promoting a talk by Michael Ezra, who regulars here will know as a serial liar, Mikey, who had David Aaronovitch apologising to Tony Greenstein for a rather unpleasant libel not too long ago. I've said before that Harry's Place is a site where truth is irrelevant but their racism is so transparent now you'd expect even Engage to distance themselves from it. But no, Engage too is promoting Mikey but that's for another post.


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