March 18, 2008

Way beyond chutzpah!

Israeli courts are allowing Israelis to sue the Palestinian Authority over suicide bombings. This is from AP:
Israel has cleared the way for its citizens to sue the Palestinian Authority over suicide bomb attacks, ruling that the Palestinian government does not represent a state that could avoid such suits.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry made its ruling Sunday, allowing 55 suits for damages to proceed. Since 2000, 541 people have been killed in 131 suicide bombings.

Relatives of victims of one of the bloodiest attacks, when 21 teenagers were killed in a 2001 bombing outside a Tel Aviv night spot, have been demanding the right to sue for damages. Last year the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Foreign Ministry to decide the matter.

The ministry released a statement Sunday approving the suits. Spokesman Arye Mekel said Israel does not recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state. Usually states are immune from prosecution in the courts of another country.

A top Palestinian official rejected the decision.

Riad Malki, the Palestinian Authority foreign minister and government spokesman, said Israeli courts have no legal jurisdiction over the Palestinian Authority. He warned that the decision could undermine the peace talks.

"We had expected (the Foreign Ministry) to provide a positive atmosphere for the continuation of the peace process and negotiations," Malki said. "We regret such inclinations. We condemn them."

Now who is it that undermined the PA's ability to police its areas? Who is it denies the PA the status of statehood? Who actually polices these areas? Who provokes the attacks? Who never negotiates in good faith?

A few years ago there was a perceptive article in Yediot Ahranot noting that whoever gave the orders for the killing of Palestinian leaders, knew there was a price to pay in Israeli or maybe Jewish blood. Surely, if anyone should be sued for the consequences of Israel persistent aggression adn bad faith it should be the State of Israel.


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