April 06, 2008


Here's a report in Ha'aretz about the establishment of a special military force under the auspices of the PA (kind of) but specifically for the appeasement of Israel:
"Your duty is not to any organization or party, but only to the Palestinian Authority," Yahya told them.

The old general, a veteran of numerous battles and wars with Israel as a member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization's military wing, the Palestinian Liberation Army, and even the Syrian army, did not hide his opinion about clashing with Israel.

"You are not here to confront the Israeli side, and the conflict with it has led until now only to suffering and not to positive results. You must prove to the Israelis that you are capable of performing and succeeding."
"Performing" what? and "succeeding" at what?

Hat-tip to Ron Cohen of Just Peace UK for the idea for the headline.


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