April 20, 2008

Nice pic Engage, but check out the facts...and the figures

They're a funny lot over at the Engage site. "They" meaning Dr Hirsh mostly. He claims to be a non-zionist and yet he seems to be quite insistent that Israel should be a state for the world's Jews and not for its non-Jewish natives and he just loves the story that Israel exists on account of the holocaust. He's claimed several times that Israel exists because of the holocaust in spite of much scholarly and military opinion that claims that Israel would have been established in 1939 were it not for the outbreak of WWII. Anyway, check out this picture from, first the Observer and then, Engage:

Poignant stuff, huh? There they are, arriving at Haifa from Buchenwald. It appeared today in the Observer and has been gleefully uploaded to the Engage site. Dr Hirsh asks (he hopes) rhetorically if they are,
"Colonial settlers? Emissaries of European imperialism? Jewish supremacists? Racist Zionists? Supporters of apartheid?"
Well given their bearing of the zionist flag, yes they probably were all of those things unless they were models or actors.

What if they were displaced persons from Europe? Does this give them the right to carry out an ethnic cleansing campaign against people in Asia? The photo is trying to say "yes it does". It's by a Zoltan Kluger who, from what I can tell, was to zionism what Leni Riefenstahl was to the nazis.

But let's not get carried away by one manipulative photograph. See this now:
until the camps for Jewish displaced persons and refugees were fully dismantled, less than 40 percent of the survivors came to Palestine (or Israel, after its establishment in 1948), in spite of heavy pressures by the Zionist agencies: a disappointing proportion, given the movement's initial expectations
A picture may well paint a thousand words but those words might be lies. The fact is, the holocaust is not the reason for Israel's existence. It is the excuse for the ethnic cleansing, the racist laws and the relentless aggression but the reason is that there is sadly such a thing as Jewish chauvinism and it has combined itself with western imperialism. No picture can negate that fact.

Incidentally, I didn't quite finish the quote from the "non"-zionist Dr Hirsh. He wants people to listen to the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva. It sings of every "Jewish heart". But over 60% of the survivors may well have considered the fact that if the only consideration is what goes on in a Jewish heart how far is that from the nazi idea that the only consideration should be what goes on in an Aryan heart?

The zionists have very skilfully manipulated the holocaust to enable the racist war criminals of the State of Israel to claim themselves to be the heirs to the holocaust dead. They are not. They celebrated the rise of Hitler, collaborated with his rule and then exploited his genocidal atrocities. It has worked well and stifled the establishment of a mass anti-zionist movement until now. But people are sick of the exploitation. Yes, there are huckster politicians and hacks who will go along with it but if there are tears to be shed now, that's not directly for the holocaust dead but over the fact that they have been so eagerly and in some cases greedily exploited by the racist war criminals of the State of Israel and their supporters in every major media outlet in the west.

Speaking of Engage, I posted recently linking to a post on Engage that seemed to express disgust at an aspect of zionist colonial settlement practised by a group called El'ad that combines religious obscurantism and ethnic cleansing. The post wasn't by Dr Hirsh of course but by Mira Vogel. She came here to make sure that everyone knew that the current crop of ethnic cleansers are a minority in the zionist movement as a whole and to demonstrate her support for the "moderate majority of zionists". She was asked by Hulkagaard in the comments,
If this majority exists, why is it unable to prevent what El'ad does
That was yesterday and she hasn't answered yet. Shobbas? Pesach? Come back soon Mira, the zionist moderate majority needs you.


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