April 05, 2008

Why shoot the messenger?

Bombing's much more effective. Ask Israel. See this report from Canada's CBC website:
A United Nations military observer sent e-mails home to Canada reporting that Israel was bombing schools and waging "a campaign of terror against the Lebanese people" shortly before he was killed by an Israeli bomb in Lebanon, said his widow.

Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener of Kingston, Ont., a member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, was one of four UN military observers who died when the Israeli Defence Forces bombed a marked United Nations post on July 25, 2006.

Cynthia Hess-von Kruedener said her husband's mission was to report on the hostilities in the area and she believes that is why Israeli forces attacked the Israeli United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) post, despite Israel's claims that the bombing was accidental.

"Obviously they were unhappy with what they were observing. Maybe that post was in the way as well," she said. "I know my husband was reporting war crimes. And I guess they don't want to deal with that."
As with other cases of Israel killing people from friendly states, the other state, in this instance Canada, has stayed friendly. See this:
Hess-von Kruedener said she is not satisfied with the response of the Canadian government, which she alleges did not protest Israel's refusal to co-operate in the probe.

"Well you expect your government to step in and do the right thing, but that doesn't seem to be the case," she said. "So we are just … We don't know where to turn. We're just beside ourselves I guess."
And the collusion of the Canadian government with the racist war criminal regime goes all the way to the top. See these "related stories" on the CBC site, particularly the last:

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So the lesson, if your name's Israel, don't shoot messengers, bomb them, and if they're peacekeeping troops from a friendly state like Canada, don't worry, their Prime Minister will put in a good word.


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