May 17, 2008

After 2,000 years I now know what suffering is

Now it's your turn. Watch this. It's a chap called Kevin James totally humiliating himself on TV. If you're like me you'll find it excruciating at first but hang in there:

The host raises the important subject of Israel being a "speakers' corner" for American politicians. He also points out that when this word "appeasement" is hurled around it often has no substance. It means acceding to demands in breach of your own professed principles. I suppose we could say then that Israel is the world's main beneficiary of western appeasement being a colonial settler state in, indeed after, the age of decolonisation.

Anyway, back to the show. I'm indebted to Andrew r in the comments to an earlier post for drawing my attention to the youtube clip and to the Wikipedia entry on the man (Kevin James) himself.


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