May 17, 2008

Alan Johnson is hard to please

so a senior Hamas official, Bassem Naeem, takes time off worrying about the starvation diet imposed by the West on his people to publishes an op-ed saying that "The Holocaust was not only a crime against humanity but one of the most abhorrent crimes in modern history," and "we are well aware and warmly welcome the outspoken support for Palestinian rights by Israeli and Jewish human rights activists in Palestine and around the world."

Big Deal!

For Johnson at least, "It isn't enough to declare belief in the historical truth of the Holocaust. It's necessary for political leaders like Bassem Naeem to actively oppose the ideology of Jew-hatred."

Yes, of course. Very true. And they should do it immediately. Getting supplies for hospitals could wait. Finding gas to run the power station can be delegated. That call from the Egyptian Mukhabarat chief about Olmert's latest absurd demand? Put them on hold! There is a helicopter firing something near Khan Younis. There might be casualties. Not now!!!! The minister is buuuuuussssy!!!

He's writing his new plan for fighting antisemitism and teaching Yiddish to kids in Dheishe. Thank God! After listening to an imperial ideologue talking through his rear end, the Minister finally got his priorities straight.

Because, let's face it, antisemitism is the most important problem in the world. If the only way of saving young Palestinians children in Dheishe from this disease is to kill them....

But let's try teaching them Yiddish first.

Here's a song in Yiddish that I dedicate to all the fighters in Gaza.


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