May 14, 2008

Dodging service in Israel's peace loving army

Many thanks to Montag for sending me this Ynet article on legitimate draft dodging in Israel. Hark at me, legitimate draft dodging. Refusing to commit war crimes is a soldiers duty. Any draft dodging from an ethnic cleansing army is legitimate. The article means, of course, legitimate by Israel's standards, that is, legal in Israel:
A new media campaign that supports draft-dodging was launched by the New Profile movement this week. The campaign, which includes the distribution of pamphlets and internet advertisements, encourages young people not to serve in the army.

"Some 56% of youths each year (including Israeli Arabs) do not enlist in the army or do not complete army service," the movement's charter states. "Therefore no one who's been exempted from service by the army should feel bad about himself."

The movement, which aims to promote a civilian agenda in Israel, further noted that "it is possible to live in a country that is not a soldiers' country. The State of Israel can pursue a vigorous peace-seeking policy today."
Now I might not have posted this but I followed the link where it says "The State of Israel". Such links are increasingly popular on web pages with, I think, Wikipedia setting the trend. The links are to definitional back up, usually from a reputable reliable source. Go on follow the link. It takes you to a "fact file" also on the Ynet site which defines Israel so:
Established in 1948 as the Jewish State, struggling for its safe existence and in constants pursuit of peaceful coexistence with its neighbors; from history and geography, to politics and economy, here are the facts about the State of Israel
It's a colonial settler state based on ethnic cleansing, racist laws and relentless aggression towards the natives and neighbours of Palestine. That last bit wasn't Ynet. It was me.


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