May 06, 2008

Jews and fascists march on Rome together

Well this is bad news if you don't like fascism. Here's the Financial Times on how Jews are learning to love the Italian fascists:
Rome's election last week of its first rightwing mayor since the time of Benito Mussolini has been celebrated by fascists as a historic victory over the left.

Packs of young, thuggish supporters of Gianni Alemanno greeted the new mayor's appearance at the Campidoglio city hall with straight-armed "Roman" salutes, shouting abuse at communists and foreign immigrants.

But apparently they weren't alone:
Debate over the significance of the National Alliance's first election victory in a major city has been intense - especially among the capital's small but important Jewish commun-ity, which is widely thought to have swung in Mr Alemanno's favour. Rome's Jewish voters, numbering about 9,000, explain their shift to the right in various ways, most often because they see the National Alliance as firmly pro-Israel.
Ah, fascists are pro-Israel, that's alright then.


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