June 29, 2008

Comedian found guilty of Blasphemy

No, not in Saudi Arabia. This happened this week in France, a country where it is OK to publish offensive cartoons of Mohammed hiding a bomb in his hat but not ok to publicly criticize the holocaust industry.

A court of appeal confirmed French Commedian Dieudonné's conviction for "public defamation of of a group of people on account of their race, religion or origin".

Dieudonné is a stand-up comedian who indeed said many an outrageous thing, outrageous in a good way--breaking taboos, insulting to power, etc.. He is also on record with less than deep political commentary; lamentable perhaps, but not something terribly damning for a comedian. But the slander machine that goes into gear the moment a well-known person breaks a political taboo went after him like a velociraptor. The attacks made him radioactive, and the French intellectual kiss-ass demi-monde is not getting near him these days. The manufactured affair even crossed the Atlantic as the New-Yorker Magazine published a smelly hatchet job full of misquotes, innuendos and the wisdom of the great Montmartre poseur Bernard-Henri Levy. Jonathan Miller took The New-Yorker to task for the malpractice. It is worth a read!

So what exactly caused the French magistrates to hyperventilate?

According to the news reports, Dieudonné core offense was that he described the way the holocaust is memorialized as "remembrance porn."

Dieudonné is dead accurate.

Not only have Israel and its supporters used the images of the holocaust to justify decades of human rights abuses committed by Israel.

Not only have the state of Israel and Jewish organizations used the holocaust to blackmail and extort money, enriching themselves while the few true holocaust survivors must take to the streets to pay their grocery bills.

Not only is the political class of the West debasing the memory of victims of the Nazis by invoking them routinely to justify their foul military adventures.

Not only are the Jewish guardians of the holocaust memory often the first to deny and to diminish every other crime against humanity, from the Armenian Genocide to the Nazi murder of homosexuals.

But to top it all, thousands of Israeli students just about to enlist in the Herrenvolk army of Israel are sent every year on a trip to Auschwitz to learn why they should brutalize Palestinians and to celebrate their entrance into manhood with necrophilia, strippers and hooliganism.

The way the holocaust is remembered is indeed pornographic. Like pornography, it is intended to trigger a physical reaction that bypasses the intelligence. The force of imagery is used to make one feel, in a way that makes all reflection superfluous, that Nazis are a unique and unfathomable evil, and Jews eternal victims that can do no wrong and are beyond criticism. The goal is an orgasm of righteousness.

Of course this isn't a point about Jews. Few Jews are responsible for the WW-II porn channel. Public memory is chiefly the work of elite institutions, in this case the state of Israel, Yad Vashem, the various wealthy elite organizations who claim to represent Jews in the West, and very crucially, Western political elites who find the kitsching of the Nazi era a made-to-order smokescreen for modern political realities. But those who take an active role in this pimping of their history and the profiteering commerce in the blood of parents and relatives really scrap the bottom of human existence.

Finally, a bucket of goat manure for the court of knaves that fined a jester for telling it like it is.


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