June 08, 2008

Julius principle invoked to denounce antisemitic treaty on cluster bombs

I just got an email directing me to this post on the Par En Bas blog:
Hasn't it occured to anyone else how Anti-Semitic the ban on cluster bombs is? I mean, it's obvious the anti-Israel extremists are trying to take away Israel's right to deploy weapons which are, and I quote, "highly useful on the battlefield".

That's why they were used to extensively during Israel's war with Lebanon (or "Hezbollah" if you bend that way) in 2006, one presumes. In total, the Israelis dropped around 4 million "bomblets", up to a million of which may not have exploded. These unexploded bomblets are responsible for the death and disfiguration of up to 200 Lebanese since the end of the war. Children are more likely to be the victims of this since the round "bomblets" can be confused for toys.

Luckily Israel, along with other brave nations such as the U.S, India, China, Russia and Pakistan, is not a signatory to this outrageous treaty and so will continue to deploy this "highly useful battlefield device" whenever the terrorists threaten our way of life.

Well, thank god for that!
That is the Anthony Julius principle, isn't it? Israel uses cluster bombs more than any other state. A ban on their usage is therefore antisemitic because it affects Jews disproportionately.

Thanks to Stephen Marks for pointing out the post and explaining the logic.


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