June 16, 2008

Young, Jewish and Angry

‘We see a sick hierarchically organized Jewish community…serving as a smokescreen to allow the ongoing genocide of a people’

David Mandelzys, an anti-Zionist Canadian Jew has recently written these words in a his article ‘Heating Up: The Battle for the Jewish voice and the Jewish soul.’.

While well-written, what’s interesting about the article is the tone it’s written in. Angry, impassioned, even contemptuous towards the existing Zionist ‘community’.

It’s a far cry from the polite and respectful tone with which British anti-Zionists address ‘the community’. This might be simply Mr Mandelzys’s style, or the style of debate in Canada – but it might signify something deeper. A lack of fear/respect might be no bad thing, when trying to create something new.


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