July 06, 2008

Demonstrators religiously oppress Israeli Soldiers

The Palestinian village of Na'alin is protesting against the Apartheid Wall which encroaches on their land. Protests are a non-no. So the Herrenvolk Army of Israel responds with tear gas, rubber bullets, siege and curfews.

Shots sounded from the West Bank village of Na'alin on Sunday as locals marched in defiance of a daylight curfew imposed by the Israel Defense Forces troops who sealed off the area on Saturday.

One resident said up to 50 people were hurt by tear gas and rubber bullets. The IDF said a soldier was wounded and declined to comment on any casualties among civilians on a third day of clashes and a clampdown that has kept journalists out. (Haaretz, July 6th, 2008)

The army explained that "These protests have been getting increasingly violent, and they must be stopped." One humane way of dealing with protests is letting protesters dies of wounds. I don't know if the Herrenvolk Army of Israel pioneered this method, but it is certainly very methodical in using it.
Casualties and other patients were prevented from leaving the village for treatment, said Salah al-Khawaja, spokesman for the Ni'lin Committee for Resisting the Wall.
But there is more. Israeli Jewish culture is known for having transformed self-pity and whining into a high art form. Israel's fourth Prime Minister Levi Eshkol even coined a phrase, "Shimshon der Nebechdiker," (Samson the pushover) to mock this tendency among his generals. But I guess even he would have been overwhelmed by the beauty of the following IDF statement. If whining were classical musical, this statement would be Beethoven's ninth symphony.

After the blockade was declared, some 200 demonstrators travelled to Na'alin. The army said in response to this that the protestors were forcing it to violate the Sabbath in order to maintain order. (Haaretz, July 6th, 2008)

Jews are prevented from observing the Saabath! AGAIN! Perhaps A French court is ready to hear this case of blatant twenty-first century antisemitism.

And my question to the Herrenvolk Army:

Who forces you to violate the other nine commandments?

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