July 01, 2008

Solid evidence that not all Israeli Jews are racists

Despite 60 years of racist indoctrination that teaches Israeli Jews that Arabs are dangerous, dirty, and violent, some Jewish schoolgirls in the Southern municipality of Kiryat Gat choose to date Bedouin young men.

I don't know how many do, but their number is high enough to drive the racist municipal and state institutions to action.

A new program launched in Kiryat Gat schools has the expressed purpose of preventing Jewish girls from becoming romantically involved with Israeli Bedouin.

The program enjoys the support of the municipality and the police, and is headed by Kiryat Gat's welfare representative, who goes to schools to warn girls of the "exploitative Arabs."

You can go to Haaretz to see excerpts from the "educational" video the program uses, titled sleeping with the enemy. In the video the official representative of the welfare department of the town of Kiryat Gat describes these relationships as "an unnatural phenomenon." He then compares his message to the work of lifeguards who warn beach goers about dangerous sea conditions.

Lots of people in the U.S. and Europe believe Israel is a democracy and Israelis "share their values." That may be because Israel indeed shares these people's values. Or it can be because they are badly misinformed about Israel. I don't know. But in case they missed, these are the values taught in Israel's state schools with the blessing of the police and elected officials.

Don't say it in Gat; don't announce it in the streets of Ashkelon, but the day when Nazism and Zionism are studied comparatively are not far off.

BTW, The NGO spearheading this turd campaign is the organization Yad L'achim (hebrew: hand to the brothers). Contrary to what the name may suggest, Yad L'akhim is not a society for group masturbation. It is something a lot more sinister. Their website is very, very instructive (don't forget the barf bag). As you ambulate through their web pages (there is an English version), do remember that this is not a group of flat-earthers. They are the partner of the Israeli police, the elected municipality of Kiryat Gat and the state education system.

(Thanks to Henry Lowi for bringing this to our attention)

This blog may be known for its negativity. But we also want to commend the (rare) good side of Israel:

Daughters of Kiryat Gat, keep sleeping with the enemy! Jewssansfrontiers salutes your intelligence and good taste!

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