July 04, 2008

Michael Warschawski has a very very very good idea

Michael Warschawski gave a talk at recent The Haifa Conference on the Palestinian Right of Return. The talk is available on the Alternative Information Center website. Every word of what he says is worth reading twice, so go read it.

But let me highlight the end:

To conclude, I have a practical suggestion. In order to be accepted as a member state in the United Nations, in 1949, Israel was required to endorse General Assembly Resolution 194, which recognizes the right of return of the Palestinian refugees and commits itself to the return of all “the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours”(700,000 in total at the time), to its sovereign territory.

Israel accepted, was made a member state and immediately after announced it has no intention of implementing the UN resolution. The Palestinian national movement and the international solidarity movement should initiate a long-term campaign for the suspension of Israeli membership in the United Nations until Israel complies with its formal commitment concerning the return of the refugees. Such a campaign will again put the refugee issue in its legitimate place, at the core of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and the heart of its solution.


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