July 03, 2008

1st candidate for the Villlage Idiot Award of 2008

OK, what's the Village Idiot award? It's just my way of rewarding web commentary that goes well beneath anything I could have ever imagined. And my imagination can go pretty low.

So the first Village Idiot 2008 candidate is
[Music gets louder, Hillary Clinton opens the envelope ] .....

James Taranto from the Wall Street Journal

For the following priceless insight about yesterday's attack in Jerusalem:

Where would anyone come up with the twisted idea of using a tool of construction as a weapon of murder? We actually may have an answer to that. On March 16, 2003, ... A misguided 23-year-old American named Rachel Corrie, as a "protest" against Israel's self-defense, interposed herself between an IDF bulldozer and a tunnel....Anti-Israel activists accused the soldier of deliberately running Corrie over. .... It is possible that in the process they were giving ideas to future terrorists.

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