August 17, 2008

Jew vs. Jew

That crackling sound you're hearing is the Elders of Zion's permafrost sheet splitting underneath the New Cold War.

O.K. this is one stupidly over-mixed metaphor. Apologies. Can't help it. The news are just too delicious.

So here it is: Russian Senator Borris Spiegel, Chairman of the World Congress of Russian Jewry, issued a statement "calling for the establishment of a tribunal that would investigate Georgia's "war crimes" during the past week's round of fighting." (Haaretz, August 18, 2008). Spiegel went as far as accusing Georgia of conducting genocide.

Now, the best would be if Jews stopped creating organizations that pretend to run the world. It would be good for everyone, including Jews. There must be some way for folks to make a living other than selling arms or marketing the holocaust to the highest bidder.

But the second best is to have these organizations exhaust themselves in proxy fights for they paymasters.
...MK Ze'ev Elkin (Kadima), who serves as the deputy head of the Congress, criticized Spiegel's statements, saying the organization's role is to worry about well-being of Jews worldwide and not get involved in "geo-political conflicts." (Haaretz, August 18, 2008)

Of course, for the latter we have Israel and AIPAC.

If only Putin invests well in his Jewish minions, we could all sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

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