August 01, 2008

UK to rent embassy from settlement-builder Leviev?

It's not a done deal yet, you Brits could raise a stink over this:

UK Embassy moves off coast
The embassy plans to move the Kirya Tower.

Ariel Rosenberg 29 Jul 08   18:36

The UK Embassy in Tel Aviv plans to move to the Kirya Tower in Tel Aviv after being located on the seafront Hayarkon Street for decades. Sources inform ''Globes'' that the embassy plans to rent three floors in the Kirya Tower from Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. (TASE:AFIL; Pink Sheets:AFIVY) at $27 per square meter per month.

23 floors of the 74,000-square meter 42-storey Kirya Tower are leased to the Israeli government. The UK Embassy is negotiating a lease on other floors, which have a separate and luxurious lobby, which Africa-Israel has just begun to market. Each floor has 2,000 square meters, which means that the embassy will pay $162,000 in rent a year. The building, located on Menahem Begin Road, across the street from the Azrieli Towers, has a helipad on the roof.

So Gordon Brown goes to Israel/Palestine, and "demanded Sunday that Israel cease settlement construction." In order to show how serious he is about this "demand," his government is negotiating renting its new embassy from Africa-Israel, the holding company controlled by Lev Leviev. One of Africa-Israel's subsidiaries, Danya Cebus, has built in four settlements -- Har Homa in East Jerusalem, which isolates it from Bethlehem, Matityahu East in Bi'lin, the site of weekly protests, Ma'ale Adumim, which helps truncate the WB into Bantustans and cuts off Jerusalem from the Palestinian hinterland. Leviev also is a major donor to the settlers' Land Redemption Fund, a secretive organization that uses shady methods to "secure" Palestinian land for Jewish settlement. The LRF has its roots in the messianic Gush Emumim settler org. Even UNICEF won't have anything further to do with the man; now the UK government is about to rent the its embassy from this land thief.

Brits, what're you gonna do about this one?


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