October 28, 2008

Springtime for Hitler? Probably not

All year long, Zionist hasbara is arguing that the term 'Zionist' is a cunning euphemism latter day antisemites use for Jews. It is a great way to throw the holocaust into the eyes of anyone who dares to criticize Israel. It is of course utterly false. When we say Zionists, we mean Zionists, i.e. people who think Jews have the right to ethnically cleanse Palestine and oppress Palestinians. A lot of these people are Jewish, but that is their problem. Nobody forces Jews to be assholes. It comes with the territory, literally.

Yet as the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. As stock markets crumble, out of the woodwork come those who believe they might repeat the history of the twentieth century by blaming Jews (or "Zionists") for the ravages of capitalist insanity. It is really pathetic, given how much the world has changed since 1929. The simple fact that with so few Jews among migrant workers, and so few Westerners working in factories, the future of fascism in the West depends on stirring the pot of Islamophobia and other immigration and minorities fears, as the smarter minds in The GOP understand. But thanks to the internet, there are still a few drops of notoriety that can be milked from this desiccated canard. And even if it recalls the opening scene of Mel Brook's "The producers," when Zero Mostel plays gigolo to senior citizens for cash, I wouldn't want to make fun of people who are so earnestly pursuing their dreams. (Not to mention that given how useful they are to the Zionist Hasbara effort, some of them could be milking a much fatter cow as well.)

I'm not going to cite this crap or refute it. ll just say this. If I had anything to do with the current financial meltdown, I wouldn't hide it. I would take credit for it. All this "wealth" that has been wiped out in the last year represented the expectations of the rentier class for future cash flows. These cash flows ultimately are a tax paid from the sweat, blood and tears of the world. The less, the better.

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