December 31, 2008

Destruction of a university and Engage is silent

Well Engage isn't entirely silent. Certain Engageniks have run posts on other blogs supporting Israel's bombardment of Gaza, including the destruction of the Islamic University. I suppose there is a certain consistency to Engage's claim to be simply against antisemitism and not reporting on this issue but they were remarkably supportive of Israel's bombardment of Lebanon back in 2006 so it is a surprise that there has been nothing on their site defending or condemning Israel's actions in Gaza these last few days.

Instead, they have chosen to focus on antisemitism in a Greek newspaper that has almost no web presence. I am glad that they have run the post because the comments are very interesting, in fact they're hilarious. I don't know if Hirsh has been sock puppeting again but there are some real howlers in response to a (I'll assume) chap called "Resistor". He seems to have had his first comment deleted but someone has helpfully repeated it:
Does David Hirsh think that Palestinians should follow the Israeli example and bomb Israeli universities?
Responses are so predictable. Of course there have been Palestinian bombings at educational establishments in Israel but then they start justifying what Israel did by references to Hamas leaders graduating from the University destroyed by Israel. Look out Oxbridge if that's the excuse. And didn't some 9/11 hijackers graduate from American flying schools? Are they legitimate targets.

See how many commenters say that "Resistor" has missed the point. Engage claims to be against antisemitism and for academic freedom. A university has been destroyed. Where does Engage stand on that? Does it believe that Israel has an excuse? That's all. But then look at what "Resistor" is accused of before they finally getting around to declaring that he's antisemitic. They usually lead on that one. Look:

This is a post about open antisemitism in Greece. Did that escape your attention, or is it something that you feel the need to divert attention from?
Got that? "Resistor" is yabbering on about Israeli atrocities in Gaza, in particular the destruction of a university as if these are issues when the real issue is antisemitism in a Greek newspaper.

At the time of writing the post had 47 comments, the last being from John Strawson. If you can understand what he's saying then please let me know.

They now have another post up and that's Dr Hirsh's letter to Channel 4 complaining that they had Ahmadinejad on at Christmas and he has posted their response.

Meanwhile Gaza still burns and the good doctor hasn't been drawn into discussions about Gaza. A bit like Obama when you think about it.

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