December 11, 2008

Livni proposes ethnic cleansing for what's left of Israel's Arabs

That's according to this Ha'aretz article.
"Once a Palestinian state is established, I can come to the Palestinian citizens, whom we call Israeli Arabs, and say to them 'you are citizens with equal rights, but the national solution for you is elsewhere,'" Livni was quoted by Army Radio as saying to students at a Tel Aviv high school.
Elsewhere? Where? Where do you move over a million, what is it, 1.2 million Arabs in Israel "proper"?

This is zionism. This unblushing racism is zionism. I've just googled news results for Livni to see if there's any hint of outrage. So far it's only in the Israeli papers and it's so par for the course, ethnic cleansing is hardly a "hold the front page" issue for the Israeli media. But the great democracies, the great one person one vote systems, their media are yet to catch on if they bother to report it.

Maybe someone will point out that the 27 foreign ministers of the EU have just voted unanimously to further appease the racist war criminals of the State of Israel. The idea apparently is that Israel will make nice if the EU crawls to it. Well payback time has come a little early. As if the EU needed lectures in what happens when you appease racist war criminals. Remember Munich and all that.

Incidentally, in Israel's forthcoming election, Tzipi Livni is the moderate or centrist candidate.

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